Data Analytics and Management in Data-Intensive Domains
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October 22-25
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Submission deadline:
June 17, 2024.

Proceedings of the RCDL 2006

Tutorial: Greenstone: Usage, interoperability, and the future.
Ian Witten

Keynote: The Reality of Global Digital Library for Universal Access: The Case of Global Memory Net.
Ching-chih Chen

Invited talk: Nanoscience for the Conservation of Cultural Heritage and the Emergence of a Powerful Digital Image Collection.
Piero Baglioni

Invited talk: Trends in Evolution of Information Resources Management Technologies for Digital Libraries.
Mikhail R. Kogalovsky

Invited talk: Finding documents and reading them: Semantic metadata extraction, topic browsing and realistic books.
Ian Witten

Reuse of Linguistic Ontologies: Changes in Conceptualization Structure.
B. V. Dobrov B., N. V. Loukachevitch

Using of an interactive proving system for ontology mapping.
N. A. Skvortsov

Object specification relevance detection by semantics of ontological level.
N. A. Skvortsov

Polydomain models for digital libraries of monitoring systems in scientific sphere.
I. M. Zatsman

Information Sources Search using Metadata at Subject Mediator.
I. A. Malinovsky

System and User Data Complexity.
I.E. Kuralenok, A.V. Utkin

Effect of Morphological Analysis on Quality of Information Retrieval.
M.V. Gubin, A.B. Morozov

On the method of periodical thematic Web search.
A.V. Maksakov

Analysis of some methods of the automated news clusterization.
M.E. Kondratyev

The approach to duplication detection in news information flows.
D.V. Lande, A.T. Darmokhval, A.Yu. Morozov

Russian Virtual Observatory Community Centre for Scientific Problems Solving over Multiple Distributed Information Sources.
L. Kalinichenko, S. Stupnikov, A. Vovchenko, V. Zakharov

Integrated Distributed Informational System of Satellite Data for Earth Research Programs.
E.B.Kudashev, A.N. Filonov

"Electronic Earth": integration of geospatial data using Grid technologies.
A.V.Vershinin, A.N.Bezdushny, V.A.Serebryakov

New Chart (Database) of Atomic Nuclei Quadrupole Deformations.
I. N. Boboshin, V. V. Varlamov, S. Yu. Komarov, N. N. Peskov, V. N. Orlin, V. V. Chesnokov

Implementing and developing of the technology for publising and searching of documents in digital collections.
V.T. Vdovitsyn, V.A. Lebedev, N.B. Lugovaya, A.D. Sorokin, V.G. Starkova

HCS: Organize and process huge amount of hierarchically organized data in parallel environment..
V.I. Shabanov

Creation the Effective Tool for Formation Personal Text-full Collections for Scientific and Educational Activity.

Information System "Tunguska Phenomenon".
A.G. Marchuk, A.G. Karavaeva, A.I. Privezetsev, O.B. Rodimova, .Z. Fazliev

A Prototype of the HumanVirus Interactome Resource (HVIR).
. Pothen, M. Zubair, K. Maly, C. Osgood, O.J. Semmes

University Information System RUSSIA: Relational Database Integrating RF Economic, Social and Budget Statistics. Value-added Services for System and Comparative Investigations.
A.V. Bogomolova., O.I. Karasev, R.A. Sennov, T.N. Yudina

Project and Russian Electronic Journals: New Stage of Development.
V. A. Glukhov, A.M. Elizarov

Person Data Integration.
T. Lyakisheva

Semantic Web Technology for Electronic Mathematical Journal.
A.M. Elizarov, E.K. Lipachev, M.A. Malakhaltsev

Cross-Search: A Web-based system for integrated access to multiple heterogeneous information sources.
L. Guangjian, L. Xiaojuan, H. Yongwen

The corporate catalogue of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science.
O.L. Zhizhimov, A.A. Turpanov, A.M. Fedotov

BIBLIOGRIG - digital libraries as tools to control of information in GRID environment.
A.S. Zhuchkov, T.S. Markarova, N.V. Tverdokhlebov, S.A. Arnautov

A model of statistical structure for path expressions on composite XML documents in multidatabase context.
Y.K. Soldak

Rank Statistics of Word Occurrence in a Big Text Collection.
V.A. Kapustin, A.A. Jamsen

The model of fact extraction from natural language texts and the learning method.
A.M. Andreev, D.V. Berezkin, K.V. Simakov

Using Semantic Web technology for the task of inconsistency detection in natural language texts.
A.M. Andreev, D.V. Berezkin, V.S. Rymar, K.V. Simakov

Methods for Comparative Analysis of Modern Search Systems and Runet Size Determination.
I.V. Segalovich, Y.G. Zelenkov, D.O. Nagornov

Applying application integration approaches to information resources management process automatization.
A.K. Nesterenko, A.A. Danilina, T.M. Sysoev, A.N. Bezdushny, V.A. Serebryakov

Search Service Realization for RAS Portal Information Sources.
R.B. Chavtaraev, A.V. Bosov

On Data Access Technology in Informational Web-Portal.
A.V. Bosov, A.N. Poluhin

Astronomical data quality at a context of resource integration into the virtual observatory.
O.P. Zhelenkova, V.V. Vitkovsky, T.A. Plyaskina

Towards the digital version of photographic archive of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory.
N.I. Bondar' and A.A. Shlyapnikov

High-Precision Scanning for Digital Astronomical Collections.
E.V. Poliakow, L.A. Fedotova

The Virtual Pulsar Astrometry Domain Based on Shared Ontologies.
A.E. Avramenko

Based on XML information system for working with full-text databases of historical documents.
V.O. Filatov, I.V. Kravtsov, A.G. Varfolomeev

The Modeling of Scientific and Technical Texts Semantics for Information Technologies.
O.A. Lavrenova

Development of Subject Academic Digital Collections: Data Integration and Coordination of Acquisition.
A.V. Chugunov

Poster: Technologies development of the periodical press electronic collection forming on the example of Kazan newspapers of the 19th century.
A.G. Abrosimov

Poster: Electronic library and library-information service in high.
L.I. Aleshin

Poster: RAS Portal Resources: User's Forum.
Y.A. Baranov, A.V. Bosov

Poster: Concerning problem on a formulation of the requirements for construction of information systems of scientific - organizational trend.
V.B. Barakhnin, J.V. Leonova

Poster: Fulltext electronic resourses in the Library for Natural Science activity.
A.V. Glushanovskiy, N.E. Kalenov

Poster: The Solution of Integration Problem for RAS Informational Web-Portal and Integrated Information Resource System.
A.V. Ivanov, A.V. Bosov

Poster: Means of creation of descriptions of information resources with adjusted on concepts of a subject domain representation of the standard of metadescriptions.
I.G. Ignatova, N.U. Sokolova, A.U.Pavlov

Poster: Model of the organization representations of information resources with the account ontology a subject domain of activity.
I.G. Ignatova, J. A. Chaplygin, J.S. Shevnina

Poster: Automation of document registration and document flow control for JINR administrative and scientific organizational needs.
M.G. Kekelidze, L. Vagin, V.F. Borisovskiy, V.A. Senchenko, E.G.Nikonov, Yu.K. Potrebenikov, B.G. Shchinov

Poster: Development of Bilingual Russian English Glossary on Terminology in Analytical Chemistry within the Internet Portal "Analytical Chemistry in Russia" by Means of MS WindowsSharePoint Services.
V.P. Kolotov, V.I. Shirokova, M.V. Alenina

Poster: The structure of subject and a professional knowledge spaces based of digital libraries.
K.I. Kostenko, B.E. Levitskii

Poster: Significant Part Extraction of Web Pages Using of Sentences.
R.F. Kuznetsov

Poster: Efficiency of search engines' queries extension using query language operators.
I. Kuralenok, I. Blekanov, D. Dyugurov, L. Eremin, I. Mihailyuk, V. Pisar, K. Fedorov

Poster: Tools of textual representation of semantics of geospatial information.
N.V. Luneva

Poster: Some methods of electronic library acquisition.
T.V. Maistrovitch

Poster: How to access distributed scientific data collections inside GRID infrastructure.
D.Yu. Mishin, M.N. Zhizhin, D.S. Kokovin, D.P. Medvedev, A.A. Poida

Poster: WEB portal for Rockmagnetism researches.
V. Yu. Safroshkin, A.V. Ivanov

Poster: Architecture principles and development prospects of SciRus document system.
A.M. Senko

Poster: Digital zoological collections and technology of digital libraries.
I.S. Smirnov, A.L. Lobanov, A.F. Alimov, A.G. Kirejtshuk, A.T. Vakhitov

Poster: Development of subject-matter digital collection of culture and arts university.
L.I. Khalikov

Poster: Join execution strategies in XQuery.
B.S. Khvostichenko

Poster: RAS Portal Resources: Prominent Scientist's Private Archives.
A.V. Cavtaraev, A.V. Bosov

Poster: Internet Archiver for libraries in box.
M.E. Shvartsman

Poster: The system of creating and supports of digital library of old-printed texts and manuscripts.
V.S. Yuzhikov

Poster: Approaches to organizing semistructured data repositories.
M.M. Yakshin

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