Data Analytics and Management in Data-Intensive Domains
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October 22-25
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Submission deadline:
June 17, 2024.

Proceedings of the RCDL 2007

Tutorial: Approaches for large scale digital library infrastructures.
Th. Risse

Tutorial: A Tutorial on the MILOS Multimedia Content Management System.
G. Amato, P. Bolettieri, F. Debole, F. Falchi, C. Gennaro, F. Rabitti, P. Savino

Processing Principles of Information Resources for Evaluation of Innovative Potential of Science Fields.
I. Zatsman, S. Shubnikov

Socionet Information Resources, Scientometrics and Metadata Quality Indicators.
M. Kogalovsky, S. Parinov

Evaluation of INCISO: A system for automatic elaboration of a Citation Index in Social Science Spanish Journal.
B. Cruz, P. Blesa, T. Krichel, J. Osca-Lluch, E. Velasco

Problems of creation and functioning of a thematic information-communicative resource on geomagnetism.
V. Safroshkin, A. Ivanov

Information-computational system "Atmospheric radiation". State of the art.
K. Firsov, A. Fazliev, S. Sakerin, T. Zuravleva, B. Fomin, V. Zakharov

Virtual Archive as a prototype distributed data system for scientific knowledge base.
A. Osin, E. Trushkina, V. Kuznetsov

Automatic compilation of news stories reviews.
N. Abramova, V. Abramov

News Summarization System Based On Machine Learning Approach.
P. Braslavski, V. Gustelev

University Information System RUSSIA: Database and Services to Monitor Economic and Social Development at Regional and Local Levels. Applications for Public Administration and University Education.
A. Bogomolova, O. Karasev, R. Sennov, T. Yudina

Geographic Information System for Monitiring of Strongly Interrelated Data.
M. Ageev, B. Dobrov, A. Sidorov

Object visualization of thematic informational arrays.
D. Lande, A. Grigorjev, S. Brajchevskiy, A. Darmokhval, A. Snarskii

The properties of relevance distribution in documentary arrays.
A. Snarskii, D. Lande, S. Brajchevskiy, A. Darmokhval

Methodological approach for developing informational-reference systems on history of science.
V. Barakhnin, A. Fedotov

Digital archives integration platform.
A. Marchuk, P. Marchuk

Information model of the account of the temporary factor in information-reference systems.
Yu. Leonova, A. Fedotov

The Problem of The Seeds Selection for an Automatic Web-directory Resource Discovery Based on Strongly Connected Components Identification Followed by Content Filtering.
A. Sytchev, M. Bazhenov

Comparative analysis of near-duplicate detection methods of Web documents.
Yu.G. Zelenkov, I.V. Segalovich

Automatic Term Clustering in the Corpus of Russian Texts on Corpus Linguistics.
N. Vinogradova, O. Mitrofanova, P. Panicheva

Toward a Consensual Virtual and Real Time Clock in the Collection of Pulsar Timing Data Sets.
A. Avramenko

Integration of Data Mining Tools in the Infrastructure of Virtual Observatory.
N. Mamardashvili, A. Vovchenko, L. Kalinichenko, O. Malkov, M. Patrakova

Application of IVOA software tools for radio sources investigation.
O. Zhelenkova, A. Kopylov, V. Chernenkov

Automatic document metadata extraction from Russian scientific articles.
A. Vasiliev, D. Kozlov, S. Samusev, O. Shamina

N. Buzikashvili.
Dmitry Samoilov's Iskalka

The method for unsupervized detection and correction of misprints in geographical names for the system of semantic checking and validation of documents.
A. Andreev, D. Berezkin, A. Nechkin, K. Simakov, Yu. Sharov

The multilingual Access to the Data on the Base of the Geographic Names Thesaurus.
O. Lavrenova

Digital image collection navigation based onautomatic classification methods.
E. Myasnikov

Navigation into Full-text Data Bases and Portals.
M. Prokhorov, O. Bartunov

Image retrieval. Optimal weights for color and texture fusion based on query object.
I. Markov, N. Vassilieva, A. Yaremchuk

Application task ontology for systematization of information resources in molecular spectroscopy.
A. Privezetsev, A. Fazliev

About access to electronic collections presented as relational databases on the basis of ontologies.
E. Birialtcev, A. Gusenkov, A. Elizarov

Ontology-Based Approach to Getting Content-Based Access to Humanitarian Information Resources.
Yu. Zagorulko, O. Borovikova, G. Zagorulko

Application of concept refinement in salvation of ontology manipulation tasks.
N. Skvortsov

Description of Role Concepts in Linguistic and Ontological Resources.
N. Loukachevitch

SVG-visualization for digital libraries of hand-written documents.
A. Varfolomeyev, I. Kravtsov., V. Filatov

Segmentation of the image of ancient manuscript page.
V.S. Yuzhikov

Comparison of repository systems EPrints 3.0 and DSpace 1.4.1.
K. Kudim, G. Proskudina, V. Reznichenko

Specialized data types for digital libraries.
O. Bartunov, T. Sigaev

Long-Term Preservation of Electronic Theses and Dissertations: A Case Study in Preservation.
C. Becker, S. Strodl, R. Neumayer, A. Rauber, E. Nicchiarelli, M. Kaiser

Application of Conceptual Graphs in Digital Libraries.
M. Bogatyrev, V. Latov, I. Stolbovskaya

Source Registration and Query Rewriting Applying LAV/GLAV Techniques in a Typed Subject Mediator.
D. Briukhov, L.A. Kalinichenko, D. Martynov

Service-oriented GRID-approach to maintain data spaces of virtual organizations.
A. Zhuchkov, A. Kravchenko, N. Tverdokhlebov

Technologies and standards for services, catalogues and databases integration in Earth Observation programs.
E. Kudashev, A. Filonov

Developing information system for scientific society based on the integration of heterogeneous heterogenius heterogenius collections of resources.
A. Fedotov, V. Barakhnin, A. Guskov, J. Leonova

Digital Library of Mathematicle Resources MathTree.
O. Klimenko, V. Philippov, M. Philippova

Digital marine animals collections of the Zoological Institute RAS and their metadata.
I. Smirnov, O. Pugachev, A. Lobanov, A. Alimov, E. Voronina

Converting Desktop into a Personal Activity Dataset.
S. Chernov, E. Minack, P. Serdyukov

Exceptions in Information Systems.
A. Berztiss, B. Thalheim

Models of management of access to the distributed information resources.
O. Zhizhimov, A. Fedotov

The defensive system against unauthorized documents-copying of the digital libraries development.
E. Ivashko

Poster: The automated system of construction the thesaurus.
S. Tarasov

Poster: Automatic construction of ontologies.
E. Rabchevsky

Poster: Database and electronic libraries for the ecologies problems.
Yu. Molorodov, A. Fedotov

Poster: E-catalogue of the Pereslavl University Library.
D. Kulikov, L. Sukina, S. Nikolaev

Poster: Multilingual linguistic knowledge base: architecture and metadata.
N. Luneva

Poster: From digital library to an information system "The complete i.V. Lomonosov".
S. Volkov

Poster: CV recognition and grading automated system (MS Word document).
T. Kachaeva, V.S. Yuzhikov

Poster: Web-technology of dynamic classification in quasi-homogeneous digital collections.
N. Markova, O. Obuhova, I. Soloviev, A. Chochia

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