Data Analytics and Management in Data-Intensive Domains
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October 24-27
Moscow, Russia
Submission deadline:
June 15, 2023.

Proceedings of the RCDL 2009

Steering committee, Program Committee of the RCDL, Conference organizers.

V.V. Mazalov, V.T. Vdovitsyn, M.R. Kogalovsky, L.A. Kalinichenko

Tutorial: Demand-oriented Information Supply of Digital Content. [Presentation]
Kurt Sandkuhl (Sweden)

Conceptual Model of Digital Library. [Presentation]
V.A. Reznichenko, G.Y. Proskudina, K.A. Kudim

Digital library logical model in ENIP ontology. [Presentation]
V.I. Filippov, A.A. Zakharov

The method for dynamic association of informational objects in knowledge base.
O.L. Obuhova, M.M. Gershkovich, T.K. Biryukova, I.V. Soloviev, A.P. Chochia

Discovering implicit relations of concepts.
A.A. Snarskii, D.V. Lande, M.I. Zhenirovsky

An approach to support electronic research publications as "living" documents. [Presentation]
S.I. Parinov, M.R. Kogalovsky

The study of the profiles features for Russian blog communities hosted at LiveJournal: regional aspect. [Presentation]
A.V. Sychev

Automatic ontology construction based on lexical-syntactic patterns for information retrieval. [Presentation]
E.A. Rabchevsky

Development of the method of semantic integration of the information in sphere of the state and municipal administration. [Presentation]
P.A. Lomov

The research and parameter's optimization of Manifold Ranking Algorithm based on automatically summarization evaluation metric by ROUGE-RUS. [Presentation]
S.D. Tarasov

Using Fingerprints in n-Gram Indices. [Presentation]
Stefan Selbach

Invited talk: IT Research Challenges in Digital Preservation. [Presentation]
Andreas Rauber (Austria)

Formal representation of metaimformation for some approaches to ontology reconciliation. [Presentation]
N.A. Skvortsov

Ontological semantics of the text: formatting of interpretation in the semantic dictionary. [Presentation]
G.V. Lezin

Context-Based Retrieval in Digital Libraries: Approach and Technological Framework. [Presentation]
K. Sandkuhl, A. Smirnov, V. Mazalov, V. Vdovitsyn, V. Tarasov, A. Krizhanovsky, F. Lin, E. Ivashko

Research of the user preferences for the control and Internet traffic optimisation in the organisation. [Presentation]
Y.V. Leonova, A.M. Fedotov

Do Digital Libraries satisfy Users' Information Demand? Findings from an Empirical Study. [Presentation]
M. Lundqvist, V. Mazalov, K. Sandkuhl, V. Vdovitsyn, E. Ivashko

Archival Factographic System. [Presentation]
A.G. Marchuk, P.A. Marchuk

Information System for Complex Collaboration Technologies Development. [Presentation]
S.. Abramov, S.V. Znamensky, N.S. Zhivchikova, .V. Titova

Content Management in Large Technological Internet Libraries. [Presentation]
.. Salnikova, S.A. Salnikov, S.D. Kuznetsov

Models and features of prototype construction of digital library management system in institutes of higher education. [Presentation]
D.S. Zuev

Information models and technologies for the web community of researchers in the field of historical documents publication and analysis. [Presentation]
I.V. Kravtsov

The system for generation of dynamic web pages. [Presentation]
V.Yu. Solomatov

Invited talk: Digital libraries development is a way to Open Science. [Presentation]
S.I. Parinov

Machine learning in information extraction having etalon database.
S.S. Alexeev, V.V. Morozov, K.V. Simakov

Information extraction in ISIDA-T system. [Presentation]
D.A. Kormalev, .P. Kurshev, .A. Suleimanova, I.V. Trofimov

Using the methods of information extraction in the geographic referencing of Russian texts. [Presentation]
P.A. Prokofyev

Sense disambiguation of Wikipedia terms based on Hidden Markov Model. [Presentation]
D.Yu. Turdakov

Some Peculiarities of Electronic Text Corpus with Syntactic Marking Forming. [Presentation]
A.A. Rogov, Y.V. Sidorov, A. V. Sedov, G.B. Gurin, A.A. Kotov, .Yu. Nekrasov

Corporate translation Network using special digital Libraries. [Presentation]
V.. Abramov, N.N. Abramova, A.A. Karnatskaja, V.. Rozhkov

On the possibility of duplicates struggle when performing queries to heterogeneous bibliographic sources. [Presentation]
D.N. Roubtsov, V.B. Barakhnin

Thematical arrangement of texts for creating digests. [Presentation]
V.G. Vasilyev

Detection of Artificial Texts. [Presentation]
.A. Grechnikov, G.G. Gusev, A.A. Kustarev, A.. Raigorodsky

Detecting Web Spam Created With Markov Chains Text Generators. [Presentation]
A.S. Pavlov, .V. Dobrov

Related Terms Search Based on WordNet / Wiktionary and its Application in Ontology Matching. [Presentation]
A. Krizhanovsky, F. Lin

The solution of visualization and motive search problems in the digital library of folklore texts. [Presentation]
N.D. Moskin

Technological process for preparation of publications, on example of Fundamental electronic library "Russian literature and Folklore". Current state and the modernization principles.
S. I. Trifonov, A.. Polyakov

Information retreival system "Reference editions on population and natute of the Tambov region of the 19-20th centuries" in the educational environment of the university.
L.A. Pronina, .. Kopytova, .V. Shatalova, A.. Evstigneev

Digital library as a tool of increasing efficiency of a postgraduate course.
K.B. Teymurazov

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