Data Analytics and Management in Data-Intensive Domains
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October 22-25
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Submission deadline:
June 17, 2024.

Proceedings of the RCDL 2010

Special features of the construction of digital libraries with document content.
Marchuk A.G., Marchuk P.A.

Architecture and implementation of the Content Management System CitCMS for internet library.
Salnikova E.E., Salnikov S.A., Kuznetsov S.D.

Digital library management system LibMeta.
Zakharov A.A., Serebryakov V.A.

Software for creation and filling full-text digital libraries.
Nazarenko G.I., Plotnikova V.A., Smirnov I.V., Sochenkov I.V., Tikhomirov I.A.

International Virtual Observatory: 10 years after.
Malkov O., Dluzhnevskaya O., Bartunov O., Zolotukhin I.

Data and metadata publishing tools for a distributed information system on quantitative spectroscopy.
Akhlyostin A.Yu., Lavrentiev N.A., Makogon M.M., Privezentsev A.I., Fazliev A.Z.

BioinfoWF – web-services and workflow management for bioinformatics analysis.
Genaev M.A., Gunbin K.V., Afonnikov D.A.

WheatPGE – system for analysis of the relationships between phenotype, genotype and environment in wheat.
Genaev M.A., Doroshkov À.V., Afonnikov D.A.

Integrated system for information support of research on transcription regulation mechanisms.
Podkolodnyy N.L., Ignatyeva E.V., Rasskazov D.A., Podkolodnaya O.A., Ananko E.A., Podkolodnaya N.N., Zalevsky E.M.

Procedure of working with text information collections via information portraits analysis.
Antonov A.V., Yagunova E.V.

Automatic generation of update summaries for news clusters.
Alekseev A.A., Loukachevitch N.V.

The electronic library of Russian national dialects and modern dialectological study.
Zotina E.V.

Digital library of the Russian dialects: ideas, problems, decisions.
Kulsharipova R.F., Ibragimov T.I., Salimov F.I.

Automatically generating patterns for information extraction system.
Kotelnikov D.S., Loukachevitch N.V.

Anomaly-based approach to detection of full unauthorized copying of documents.
Ivashko E.E., Nikitina N.N.

Analysis of dynamic characteristics of web spam placed by link brokers.
Sharapov R.V., Sharapova E.V.

A statistical approach to solving the problem of identification of soft 404 pages.
Chirkov S.S.

Some perspective methods of project documentation processing.
Klyshinsky E.S.

Using of maximum entropy Markov model for the problem of extracting name entities from English texts.
Glazova M.

Using ontologies for implementation of the catalogue of user predilections.
Tsirkin B.G.

Development multisubject procedure of documentary data search.
Bolotin E.I.

Open Archive of publications on market economy and scientometric measuring.
Kogalovsky M., Parinov S., Ilmenskaya E.

Open Access Archive of scientific publications: JINR Document Server.
Borisovski V.F., Filozova I.A., Kuniaev S.V., Musulmanbekov G., Shestakova G., Ustenko P., Zaikina T.

Digital biographic resources.
Markova N., Adamovich I.

Evaluation of scientific activity with usage of basic quantitative bibliometric indicators on to example of the Pushchino research scientific center RAS.
Mokhnacheva J.V., Kharybina T.N.

Integration of satellite data centers to global spatial data infrastructure.
Kudashev E.B., Filonov A.N.

Processing and analysis of large archives of spatially distributed data using geoinformational web-technologies.
Gordov E.P., Okladnikov I.G., Titov A.G.

Computational module of geoinformation web-system for statistical analysis of climatic processes.
Shulgina T., Gordov E., Okladnikov I., Titov A.

Problems of a geographical binding of digital objects in electronic libraries.
Zhizhimov O.L., Mazov N.A.

The experience on the development of geoportal of public authority institutions of the Republic of Tatarstan .
Saveliev A.A., Muharamova S.S., Shiskin S.M., Ermolaev O.P., Yausheva S.R., Gayazov A.I.

Spatial data integration portal "GeoMeta".
Ataeva O.M., Kuznetsov K.A., Filippov V.I., Serebriakov V.A.

Comparative features of information models of activity of large organizations used in Runet and analysis of their practical realization on websites of scientific subject.
Barakhnin V.B., Roubtsov D.N.

The approach to the creation of digital libraries to support the collective work of staff.
Leonova Yu., Fedotov A.

Archive of public domain software 15 years of development.
Shchur L.N., Krashakov S.A., Menshutin A.Yu., Shchur V.L., Shikota S.K., Grigorieva M.V.

About the problems of creating the systems for scientific conference holding.
Guskov A.E.

Automation of process of extraction of the ontological information from verbal terminological dictionaries (on the example of the terminological dictionary of the problem of interstellar extinction).
Boyarsky K.K., Kanevsky E.A., Lezin G.V., Kalinichenko L.A., Skvortsov N.A.

A flexible subsystem of ontology and content of knowledge portals visualization throughout their life cycle.
Apanovich Z.V., Vinokurov P.S., Kislicina T.A.

Methods and tools for subject mediators access to the streaming data.
Vovchenko A.E., Kalinichenko L.A., Kostukov M.U.

Methods of web document semantic markup.
Kudim K.

Basic line for news clusterization methods evaluation.
Dobrov B., Pavlov A.

Ontology-based semantic search model for the collections of mathematical documents.
Birialtsev E.V., Elizarov A.M., Zhiltsov N.G., Ivanov V.V., Nevzorova O.A., Solovyev V.D.

The search based on the logical semantic network "Question – answer –reaction".
Dobrynin V.N., Filozova I.A.

Self-learning system of machine transliteration using non-stochastic finite state automaton.
Logacheva V., Klyshinsky E.

Semantic services for the collections of mathematical documents published as Linked Data.
Zhiltsov N.

Metasearch of accessible scientific and technical documents in the Internet.
Lande D.V., Snarskii A.A., Zhygalo V.V.

On the search function in the digital library.
Reznichenko V.A., Proskudina G.Yu.

Evaluation of the diversity of web-search results with the help of Wikipedia materials.
Strelkovskiy A.V., Kuralenok I.E.

Time saving as a quality measure of retrieval system.
Kuralenok I.E., Skachkov M.A., Baskov O.V.

Technology of the aided formation of conceptual structure of scientific content.
Okropishina O.V.

Semiautomatic GLAV mapping of specifications in a canonical information model of subject mediators.
Ryabukhin O.V.

Electronical collections of informational resources of digital library of the university.
Khalikov L.I.

Binding of programming languages with subject mediators for scientific problem solving.
Vovchenko A.E.

From specifications of requirements to conceptual schema.
Vovchenko A.E., Zakharov V.N., Kalinichenko L.A., Kovalyov D.Yu., Pyabukhin O.V., Skvortsov N.A., Stupnikov S.A.

A semantic transformation of the canonical information model into a formal specification language for the refinement verification.
Stupnikov S.A.

A mutual mapping of the canonical information model and OWL.
Stupnikov S.A., Skvortsov N.A.

Specifics of an algebraic approach to ontology description.
Beniaminov E.M., Lapshin V.A., Perov D.V.

Some classification and search methods in graphic document electronic collection.
Rogov A.A., Rogova K.A., Kirikov P.V., Bystrov M.Yu.

Clustering of text documents based on composite key terms.
Barahnin V.B., Tkachev D.A.

Analysis of typewritten captions in digital album.
Talbonen A.N., Rogov A.A.

Figurative language detection techniques based on the sense differentiating.
Bogdanova D., Novikov B

Approximate indexing for multidimensional objects.
Mikhaylova E., Nivikov B.

Design of distributed systems of processing object data structures.
Demidov A.A.

Information system for education.
Znamenskij S.V.

Results and prospects of development of information system on a biodiversity of animals of Russia (ZOODIV – BIODIV).
Smirnov I.S., Pugachev O.N., Kirejchuk A.G., Dianov M.B., Lobanov A.L., Khalikov R.G., Golikov A.A., Krivohatsky V.A.

Search system development in Digital library of Republic Karelia.
Marahtanov A.

Automated recognition system for handwritten historical documents.
Rogov A.A., Talbonen A.N., Varfolomeev A.G.

Ontology-based techniques for integration and representation of museum collections on the Web.
Ivanov V.V.

Citing analyse in publications of researches for an estimation of use of journal of scientific library of the academic institute.
Mazov N.A.

The value of the electronic format archaeographic descriotions of manuscripts XVI – XVIII centuries for the educational process.
Amerkhanova E.

School social and educational network of Kazan University.
Nasrutdinov M.F., Posledova G.R.

Methods and tools of documenting the data of endoscopic intervention.
Salakhutdinov V.K., Smetanin Yu.G., Sokolov A.A., Yunis H., Sokolov A.Yu.

Digital library technology for medical information systems.
Paley D., Kurchinsky D., Shirokov Yu., Smirnov V.

The semantic interpretation of the sign-property relations in the astrometric observations of pulsars.
Avramenko A.E.

Conception and means of information's environment support of cognitive processes.
Golitsina O.L., Maksimov N.V.

AccessGrid – a tool for virtual team communication – implementation for scientific seminars and workgroups.
Shchur L.N., Krashakov S.A., Menshutin A.Yu., Shikota S.K., Grigorieva M.V.

Optimal distribution of projects for expert examination.
Ponizovkin D.M., Amelkin S.A.

Constructing virtual resources for practitioner communities: a ‘space for all reasons'.
Greenhalgh R.

Information-analytical system for supporting and maintenance of scientific research of natural resources in the region.
Titov A.F., Vdovitsyn V.V., Lebedev V.A., Polin A.K.

Research information system (RIS) "Active seismology with powerful vibration sources".
Grigoruk A.P., Braginskaya L.P.

An approach for realizing the extreme solar-terrestrial events information system on the basis of the historic data of the Russian geomagnetic network.
Ptitsyna N.G., Petrov V.G., Zaitzev A.N., Tyasto V.I.

The project of virtual research environment for textual criticism of "Conversation of the Three Holy Hierarchs".
Varfolomeyev A., Babalyk M., Pigin A.

Designer for requests of intelligent search.
Obuhova O., Biryukova T., Gershkovich M., Soloviev I., Chochia A.

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