Data Analytics and Management in Data-Intensive Domains
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October 24-27
Moscow, Russia
Submission deadline:
June 15, 2023.

Proceedings of the RCDL 2011

Multilingual Ontology Matching based on Wiktionary Data Accessible via SPARQL Endpoint. [Presentation]
Feiyu Lin, Andrew Krizhanovsky

Approach to Development of Russian-English Thesaurus on Computational Linguistics. [Presentation]
Yury Zagorulko, Olesya Borovikova, Irina Kononenko, Elena Sokolova

Multilayer Specifications in Conceptual and Ontological Modeling. [Presentation]
Alexey Vovchenko, Viktor Zakharov, Leonid Kalinichenko, Dmitry Kovalyov, Oleg Ryabukhin, Nikolay Skvortsov, Sergey Stupnikov

MultiMeta - A System of Spatial and Digital Library Resources Integration. [Presentation]
Olga Ataeva, Anna Kalenkova, Vladimir Serebriakov

On Using of Retrospective Geocoding for Geographical Search in Digital Libraries. [Presentation]
Danil Skachkov, Oleg Zhizhimov

Determining the Geographic Location of Internet Resources. [Presentation]
Dmitry Soloviev, Andrey Kalinin

A Comparative Study of Profile Attributes for LiveJournal Communities in 2010 and 2011. [Presentation]
Alexander Sychev

Architecture of recommender system with implicit user feedback. [Presentation]
Andrey Fedorovsky, Varvara Logacheva

A System to Detect the Large-Scale Copying of Documents from Digital Libraries. [Presentation]
Evgeny Ivashko, Natalia Nikitina

Factographic Base for the Complex Collaborative Information Resources Reorganization. [Presentation]
Sergey Znamenskij

Similarity Multidimensional Indexing. [Presentation]
Elena Mikhaylova, Boris Novikov, Anton Volokhov

Towards Structure of Cache for Distributed Graph Database. [Presentation]
Aleksey Demidov

Conceptual, Logic Models and Algorithm of Designing of Databases in a Domain-Key Normal Form.
U. Tukeyev, A. Altaibek

Publishing of a Relational Database of a Digital Library on the Semantic Web. [Presentation]
A.V. Novitsky

Fragment Extraction and Text Classification by Logical Rules. [Presentation]
V.G. Vasilyev

Classification Methods with an Inconsistent Learning Set. [Presentation]
A.Yu. Kolesov

Automated Construction of Subject Classifiers Using Machine Learning Algorithms. [Presentation]
F.V. Borisyuk, P.N. Druzhkov, A.N. Polovinkin

A Full-Text Search Algorithm for Long Queries. [Presentation]
A.P. Kolosoff, M.Yu. Bogatyrev

A Full-text Index for Frequency Updatable Libraries. [Presentation]
A.B. Veretennikov

Rambler pFound a Search Quality Metric. [Presentation]
S.V. Protasov, D. Baranov

Scalable Environment For Multi-Level Analysis of Texts. [Presentation]
A.A. Noskov

Detecting Mass-Generated Unnatural Texts through Topical Diversity Analysis. [Presentation]
Anton Pavlov

Syntactic and Semantic Models and Algorithms in Question Answering. [Presentation]
Alexander Solovyev

A Technology for Semantic Structurization of Scientific Digital Library Content. [Presentation]
Sergey Parinov, Mikhail Kogalovsky

The Preconditions of a New Method of Complexed Science Citation Indices for Researchers of Scientific Institute. [Presentation]
Olga Obukhova, Maxim Zaikin, Ivan Soloviev

Tools for Visual Analysis of Information Content of Portals Included in Linked Open Data Cloud. [Presentation]
Zinaida Apanovich, Tamara Kislicyna, Pavel Vinokurov

The Analysis of Bibliographic References as a Means of Studying the Development of Information Flows in Science (On an Example of Development of Low Activation Materials). [Presentation]
M.V. Alenina, V.P. Kolotov

System of Duplicate Texts Detection. [Presentation]
Ruslan Sharapov, Ekaterina Sharapova

Statistical Analysis of the Coherence of Texts on Social and Political Issues. [Presentation]
Valery Abramov, Nina Abramova, Elena Nekrasova, Galina Ross

On Using of Similarity Measures During Documentation Analysis.
Anna Antonova, Edward Klyshinsky

Identification of Syntagmatic Structures in the Process of Subject Knowledge Formation.
M.S. Shibut, V.S. Yakovishin

Family Archival Fund. [Presentation]
Igor Adamovich, Oleg Volkov, Natalia Markova

New Abilities in Search and Graphical Presentation for Information on the Main Parameters of Giant Dipole Resonance of Atomic Nuclei Data Base. [Presentation]
Vladimir Varlamov, Ilya Ekhlakov, Sergey Komarov, Nickolay Peskov, Oleg Semenov, Mikhail Stepanov

Virtual Scientific Collective of Thematic Supersite "Beetles (Coleoptera) and Coleopterists" of the Zoological Institute of RAS. [Presentation]
I.S. Smirnov, A.L. Lobanov, A.G. Kirejtshuk

Program Tools for Creation of Digital Collections of Instructional Materials.
L.I. Khalikov

Dispersed Organization of Problem Solving in the Distributed Environment of Subject Mediators. [Presentation]
Alexey Vovchenko

Automatic Ontology Learning from Text Document Collection. [Presentation]
E.S. Mozzherina

Development and Maintenance of Information Systems Based on Ontology and Wiki-Technology. [Presentation]
V.K. Shestakov

Evaluation of the Technology Effectiveness of the Systematization and Search of Digital Scientific Information in the IAS "Natural Resources of Karelia". [Presentation]
Vladimir Vdovitsyn, Viktor Lebedev

Russian Resources of Astronomical Data and their Integration into International Virtual Observatory. [Presentation]
Dana Kovaleva, Olga Dluzhnevskaya

Study of Radiosources with the Virtual Observatory Tools. [Presentation]
Olga Zhelenkova

Rul Intgrtin fr Btstrpping-Bsd Infrmtin Etrctin.
M. slnnikv

Automatic Filling of Information Systems with Bibliographic Records of Scientific Publications. [Presentation]
Yury Zagorulko, Oleg Dyachenko

Discrepancy Search in Digital Collections of Judicial Acts. [Presentation]
A.A. Rogov, Yu.V. Sidorov, I.L. Burlak

Information Extraction from Texts with Automatic Construction of Rules. [Presentation]
P.A. Prokofyev, V.G. Vasilyev

Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Method of the Parallel Implementation of the Process of Clustering Text Documents on the Basis of the Algorithm FRiS-Cluster.
Vladimir Barakhnin, Dmitry Tkachev

Spectral Characteristics in Problems of Text Information Processing. [Presentation]
Ilya Zyabrev, Oleg Pozharkov, Irina Pozharkova

Properties of Hostgraph Enriched with IP Information.
Y. Pritykin, V. Koshelev

Combined Electronic Representation of Printed Publications. [Presentation]
S.I. Trivonov

Poster: Two Ways of Developing Scientific and Technical Digital Library in TeX Format.
M.O. Kovalenko, A.V. Tsurikov, M.K. Chernyshov

Poster: Service-Oriented Architecture for Published Historical Texts Recognition.
A.V. Rudalev, A.G. Varfolomeyev

Poster: Creating Search System for Highly Specialized Digital Collection.
A.N. Talbonen

Poster: Digital Library for a Team of Scientists.
M.S. Trachtengerts

Poster: Development of a Lexical Ontology in Analytical Chemistry: Working out of Thesaurus as a Relational Database, Data Migration to the MS WSS 3.0 and Publication in Internet.
V.I. Shirokova, V.P. Kolotov, M.V. Alenina

Poster: On The Way to Semantic Digital Library.
M.V. Yakovleva, A.K. Ten, V.M. Kugler

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