Data Analytics and Management in Data-Intensive Domains
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October 22-25
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
Submission deadline:
June 17, 2024.

Proceedings of the RCDL 2014

Steering committee, Program Committee of the RCDL, Conference organizers.

V.V. Korenkov, V.N. Zakharov, L.A. Kalmykova, M.R. Kogalovsky, L.A. Kalinichenko

Tutorial: Semantic digital libraries. What is it?.
Vladimir Serebryakov

Tutorial: International Professional Association of Research Information System Specialists euroCRIS and its Main Product CERIF.
Parinov S.I.

Tutorial: Social Networks Meet Social Science.
Chernov S.

Simulation of Grid and Cloud Services as the Means of Improvement of Their Development Efficienc.
Korenkov V.V., Nechaevskiy A.V., Ososkov G.A., Pryahina D.I., Trofimov V.V., Uzhinskiy A.V.

Methods for Anomaly Detection: a Survey.
Kalinichenko L., Shanin I., Taraban I.

Programming of the Entity Resolution and Data Fusion Methods while Implementing ETL in the Hadoop Environment.
Vovchenko A., Kalinichenko L., Kovalev D.

Semantic Integration of Bibliographic Records.
Malakhov D., Serebriakov V., Teymurazov K., Shorin O.

Personal Digital Library Libmeta as an Integrating Environment for Linked Open Data.
taeva O.M., Serebryakov V.A.

Model of Semantic Personal Information Management System.
Bezdushny A.A., Bezdushny A.N., Serebryakov V.A.

NLPub: a Catalogue and a Community for Russian Linguistic Resources.
Ustalov D.

Refinement of Russian Sentiment Lexicons Using RuThes Thesaurus.
Loukachevitch N.V., Chetviorkin I.I.

Network of Natural Hierarchies of Terms of News Messages on the Euromaydan Events.
Lande D.V., Snarskii A.A., Jagunova E.V.

On the Automatic Structuring of the Thesaurus for an Open Information-Analytical System.
Boikov V.N., Zakharov V.E., Karyaeva M.S., Sokolov V.A.

The Algorithm for Synthesis of the Wordforms of Kazakh Language Using Inflexional Classes.
Barakhnin V.B., Lukpanona L.Kh., Solovyev A.A.

Scientific Communications Based on Digital Libraries with Tools for Online Declaration of Semantic Relationships.
Kogalovsky M.R., Parinov S.I.

Clear-cut Distinction Between Domain Ontological Representations.
Voronina S.S., Privezentsev A.I., Tsarkov D.V., Fazliev A.Z.

Analysis of Semantic Ontologies that Describe Scientific Publications and Research Activities.
Kostin V.V.

MS Dynamics AX ERP System Maintenance Using a Knowledge Base.
Mokerov V.O.

Methods for Automatic Construction of a Formalized Representation of the Contents of Electronic Mass Communication Materials to Solve the Problem of Monitoring and Assessment of Authorities.
Nikitin Yu.V., Khoroshilov Alexander A., Khoroshilov Alexei A.

Formalization of the Fact-like Propositions in Specific Historical Studies.
Markova N.A.

Text Categorization for Generation of Historical Shipbuilding Ontology.
Artemova G., Boyarsky K., Gusarova N., Dobrenko N., Kanevsky E.

Identification and Classification of Citation References in Digital Libraries of Full-text Patent Descriptions.
Khavanskov V.A., Shubnikov S.K.

Introduction into Analysis of Methods and Tools for Hypothesis-Driven Scientific Experiment Support.
Kalinichenko L.A., Kovalev D.Yu., Kovaleva D.A., Malkov O.Yu.

The Besancon Galaxy Model, a Population Synthesis Tool for Galactic Structure and Evolution Studies.
Robin Annie C., Reylé Céline, Debray Bernard

Problems of Designation and Cross-Identification of Multiple Objects in Astronomy.
Kovaleva D.A., Kaygorodov P.V., Kalinichenko L.A., Malkov O.Yu., Skvortsov N.A.

Experience of Person Identification for CRIS-systems.
Knyazeva A.A., Turchanovsky I.Y., Kolobov O.S., Zhizhimov O.L.

Regional Classification of Russian News Texts for Person Recognition.
Podobryaev A.V.

Person Name Recognition in News Articles Based on the Persons-1000/1111-F Collections.
Trofimov I.V.

Models of Document and Factual Retrieval for Digital Libraries.
Barakhnin V.B., Fedotov A.M.

Distributed Fulltext Search in the Digital Libraries: Technology and Projects.
Lyapin Sergey, Kukovyakin Alexey, Chugunov Andrey

Scientific Search: Methods of Thematically Oriented Search of Scientific Information.
Avdeeva N., Nikulina O., Khritankov A., Chekhovich Y.

An Approach to Search of Workflows by Metadata.
Skvortsov N.A.

Study on the Structure and Dynamics of the Gamer Community in the Massively Multiplayer Online Game World of Tanks.
Sychev A.V.

Aggregation of Data from Provincial Documents and Maps.
Shekotilov V.G., Shalaeva M.V., Lazareva O.S.

Formation of the Complex of Information Resources on Archive Maps of Volga Provinces by A.I. Mende Shooting.
Shekotilov V.G., Shalaeva M.V.

Visualization of the Karst Development Dynamics in the Karst Processes Monitoring System.
Sharapov R.V.

Infrastructure of Electronic Scientific Journal and Cloud Services Supporting Lifecycle of Electronic Publications.
Elizarov Alexander, Zuev Denis, Lipachev Eugene


On Problems with Measured Data Quality in Scientific e-publishing.
Ezhela V.V.

Structures of Text Paraphrasing and Plagiarism in Dissertations on Historical Sciences.
Botov P.V., Chehovich Y.V., Khritankov A.S., Surovenko N.S., Tsarkov S.V., Viuchnov D.V.

The Method of Detecting Duplicates in a Stream of Text Documents.
Andreev A., Berezkin D., Kozlov I., Simakov K.

Experience in Document Clustering on the Basis of the Method for Determining Their Thematic Similarity.
Zakharov V.N., Khoroshilov Alexandr A., Khoroshilov Alexey A.

The Approaches for Development of Interagency Exchange of Distributed Heterogeneous Data for the ESIMO.
Vyzilov E.D., Mikhailov N.N., Kobelev A.E., Melnikov D.A.

Combined Virtual and Materialized Environment for Integration of Large Heterogeneous Data Collections.
Stupnikov Sergey, Vovchenko Alexey

Integration of JINR Scientific Information Resources on the JDS Platform.
Zaikina T.N., Kunyaev S.V., Semenov R.N., Ustenko P.V., Filozova I.A., Shestakova G.V.

Management of the Technology for Filling the Digital Library Entitled "The Scientific Heritage of Russia".
Kalenov N.E.

SciRus Platform as the Basis of the Technological Subsystem for "Scientific Heritage of Russia" Digital Library.
Yakshin M.M.

Strengthening of Digital Library and Information Management in Agriculture (India).
Veeranjaneyulu K., Lihitkar S.R., Lihitkar R.S.

System for the Interactive Formation of a Topical Plan for Scientific Organization (Taking JINR as an Example).
Bednyakov V.A., Gostev I.M., Davydova N.A., Kalmykova L.A., Syresina T.S., Zrelov P.V.

Automated Table Understanding Using a Rule Engine.
Shigarov A.O.

Information Extraction from Large Collection of Russian Text Documents in Hadoop Environment.
Briukhov D.O., Skvortsov N.A.

Technology of Multidimensional Data Formation.
Zykin S.V., Mosin S.V., Poluyanov A.N.

Poster: Zvenigorod Observatory Archive Scans.
Verechshagin S.V., Chupina N.V.

Poster: Thematic site Beetles (Coleoptera) and Coleopterists as a Digital Library and a Collection.
Lobanov A.L., Smirnov I.S., Kirejchuk A.G.

Poster: Program Library JINRLIB.
Popkova L.V., Sapozhnikov A.P., Sapozhnikova T.F.

Thinking Model and Machine Understanding in Automated User Request Processing.
Toschev A.S.

Method of Creation of Schemes of Relational Databases Using Semantic Information.
Ubaleht I.P.

On Several Social Network Analysis Problems.
Chernishev G., Sevostyanov V., Smirnov K., Shkuratov I.

Topic Models: Taking into Account Similarity Between Unigrams and Bigrams.
Nokel Michael

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