Data Analytics and Management in Data-Intensive Domains
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October 24-27
Moscow, Russia
Submission deadline:
June 15, 2023.

Proceedings of the RCDL 2001

Current Research Information System and Digital Libraries. Needs for Integration.
M.V. Kulagin, A.S. Lopatenko

Role of Virtual Digital Libraries in Internet.
Sergei A. Arnautov

Dealing with Semantic Heterogeneity at the Query Processing Level (The Social Science Virtual Library Project - ViBSoz).
Dr. Jutta Marx, Matthias N.O. Mueller

Mapping of the Synthesis Language Intro RDFS.
Turin I.N., Briukhov D.O., Kalinichenko L.A.

An Approach to Semi-Automatic Wrappers Generation in Heterogeneous Information Collections Mediators of Digital Libraries.
Osipov M.A., Briukhov D.O., Kalinichenko L.A., Leontiev I.V.

Integration of Information Retrieval Systems in the DL Mediator of Heterogeneous Data Collections using IRS IRBIS as an example.
Leontiev I.V., Kalinichenko L.A., Maximov N.V.

The Uniform Environment Of The Distributed Resources (Grid) And Digital Libraries .
Alexey V. Zhuchkov, Sergei A. Arnautov

Metadata Usage in Digital Libraries for Research and Technology. creating and Support of Application Profiles for Science..
Lopatenko A.A., Serebryakov V.A., Filipova A.A.

Integrated access to the Web mailing list archives.
D. Barashev, S. Coox, E. Michailova, I. Nekrestyanov, B. Novikov, E. Pavlova, A. Vysotsky

Functional Approach to Semistructured Data Management and its Application in Implementation of Digital Libraries.
O. Juravleva, K. Lisovsky, E. Tomusjak, G. Tomusjak

Tutorial: Digital library interoperability with the open archives initiative.
T. Krichel

The Ways of Fixing of the Initial Information Requirements of the Users Interacting with Digital Libraries Through the Mediator Containing the Thesaurus and Subject Classifier.
Kazakov E.N.

The Reuse of Dictionaries in Infilling New Ones.
Vitaly V. Smirnov

Thesaurus and Automatic Conceptual Indexing in University Information System "Russia".
Boris V. Dobrov, Natalia V. Loukachevitch

Query Building to the Web Search Engines Using Thesaurus.
Pavel Braslavsky

Towards Automatic Content-Based Organization of Multilingual Digital Libraries: An English, French, and German View of the Russian Information Agency.
Andreas Rauber, Michael Dittenbach, Dieter Merkl

Practical (and Impractical) Aspects of Building the "Meeting of Frontiers" Russian-American Cooperative Web Site with Russian Partners.
Michael Neubert, Deborah M. Thomas

An Architectural Proposal for a Cross-language System to Federate Multilingual Digital Libraries.
Nieves R. Brisaboa, Angeles S. Places, Carme F. P.-Sanjulian, Francisco J. Rodriguez

Japanese Self-Teacher.
Alexander Wurdow

Tutorial: XML Platform Standards and Databases.
M.R. Kogalovsky

Security Filtering of Medical Images Using OCR.
James Z. Wang

The Access to Relational Database Management Systems via Z39.50 Protocol.
Oleg Zhizhimov, Sergey Skibin

B-Nodes: A New Method for Modeling Digital Libraries.
S.P. Maj, D. Veal, R. White

The huge data volumes storage and it effective utilization.
Vadim F. Pavlov, Dmitry A. Kovrigin

Semantic Encoding and Markup of Georeferenced Documents in Polythematic Digital Libraries of Scientific Literature.
Igor Zatsman

Distributed Search and Data Replication Technology of ISIR System.
A.Bezdoushny , D. Kovalev, V.Serebriakov

Query Expansion with Usage of the Probabilistic Latent Semantic Indexing.
V.Dobrynin, I. Nekrestyanov

Semantic Methods Effectiveness Estimation in Information Retrieval.
Igor E. Kuralenok

New Search Engine for the Nuclear Reactions Experiments Data from Exfor International System.
V.V. Varlamov, S.V. Ivanov, N.N. Peskov, M.E. Stepanov

Tutorial: Digital Libraries in Education: State of the Art.
Leonid Kalinichenko

tmospheric WWW portal.
Gordov E.P., De Rudder ., Ippolitov I.I., Krutikov V.A., Lykosov V.N., Mikhalev A., Fazliev A.Z.,.Fedra .

Development of Electronic Collection on Thermal Constants of Substances.
Belov G.V., Bergman G.A., Iorish V.S., Levashov P.R., Pokrovsky B.I., Tabunov M.M., Yungman V.S.

Research Base for Professional Investigations and Education in Social Sciences.
Tatyana Yudina

Event-Continuous Pulsar Astrometry Data Collection.
A.E.Avramenko, O.V.Doroshenko, Yu.P.Ilyasov, V.A.Potapov, O.B.Dluzhnevskaya

Development of an Information Retrieval System on Antarctic Benthos and Birds Ecology (Ecoant) on the Basis of an Electronic Collection of Invertabrates, Fishes and Birds.
I.S.Smirnov, A.L.Lobanov, M.B.Dianov, A.A.Golikov, A.F.Alimov, A.V.Neelov, M.V.Gavrilo*

The electronic collection of information resources on toponymy of European North of Russia.
V.T. Vdovitsyn, G.M. Kert, N.A. Belyaeva, N.B. Lugovaya, A.D. Sorokin, Yu.V. Chuiko

Knowledge Collection On Lakes Onega and Ladoga.
N. Filatov, V. Lebedev

Hypertextual and hypermedia projects on the traditional komi culture.
Valeri Sharapov

LDL (LANDSCAPE DIGITAL LIBRARY). A digital photographic database of a case study area in the river Po valley, Northern Italy.
Davide Papotti, Alberto Salarelli

Discovery of the Additional Knowledge and their Automatic Indexing via Citations.
V.V.Ezhela, V.E.Bunakov, S.B.Lugovsky, V.S.Lugovsky, K.S.Lugovsky

Elaboration of the Technology of Creating of Electronic Collections of XIX-the Beginning of XX-Century Issues..
Ruzanova N.S., Leontyev A.A., Ivanova S.V.

Electronic Book Supporting System Architecture Planning.
Dmitriev A.P.

Electronic Library of the RSL is a Component of the RSL.
Igor A. Gruzdev, Olga A. Lavrenova, Boris S.Perli

Information System Orientalism.
Alexander V. Kotov, Vladimir A. Serebryakov, Alexander V. Stolyarov

Poster: Full Text Electronic Collection Creation Technology. Web Access to Electronic Collections.
V.A. Antropov, N.M. Kuzmina

Poster: Support of Informational Resources Workflow and Lifecycles in Digital Libraries.
Lopatenko A.S.

Poster: The Big Capacity Electronic Archive System.
Yuri D. Pashkov

Poster: Using Data Mining Techniques for Analysing Navigational Behaviour of Web Site Visitors.
Bedorev A.A., Zhuravlev D.N.

Poster: Structures of Documentary Space of the Veda System.
Kostenko K.I., Levitskij B.E., S.V.

Poster: Integration Variant of Digital Library and Bibliographic Cathalogue..
Paley D., Kurchinsky D., Smirnov V.

Poster: The Comprehensive Approach to Construction the Computer Security Systems of Electronic Libraries.

Poster: Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Systems and Soft Computing.
Batyrshin I.Z., Batyrshin T.I., Zakuanov R.A., Motygullin A.E.

Poster: Virtual Library of Biological Active Molecule Structures.
Dmitry D. Vasyliev

Poster: A Dynamic Data-Processing Multipurpose Web-Server.
V.A. Belyakov, V.R. Tzibulsky

Poster: Intranet of a Research Institution.
Akhlyostin A.Yu., Babikov Yu.L., Fazliev A.Z.

Poster: The Perspectives of Cataloguing of the Dunhuang Collection of the Institute of Oriental Studies (St. Petersburg Branch).
L.N. Menshikov, I.F. Popova

Poster: The Electronic Collection of Folklore Songs with Texts Formalization by Graphs.
Aleksey G. Varfolomeyev, Nikolay D. Moskin

Poster: Development of Information Portal "Analytical Chemistry in Russia".
Kolotov V.P., Shirokova V.I., Alenina M.V.

Poster: Creation of the personal scientific collection on the subject of the "Mathematical Models and Optimal Algorithms of Dynamic Data Structure Control".
Sokolov A. V.

Poster: Digital Library of Technical University for Education, Science and Culture of the Tambov Region.
V.Ye. Podolski, A.F. Pisetsky, N.V. Filatova, S.M. Brodovich, G.V. Punin

Poster: Experience of Making Electronic Mathematical and Journal Biomedical Sciences "Mathematical Morphology" in State Medical Academy of Smolensk.
Glotov V..

Poster: Development of Information System on Scientific Publications of Moldova.
Sibirsky V.,Secrieru G., Bogatencov P., Kozlenco L., Altuhov A., Youngen G.

Poster: The Creation of the Corporate Electronic Library of the High School Publications on the Basis of Nizhniy Novgorod State University.
Vladimir I. Shvetsov, Svetlana E. Antropova, Vera V. Shaposhnikova

Poster: Electronic Scienific Journals and Publication of Scientific Results.
Veselago V.G.

Poster: AILS "Foliant" as the Basis for Creating of Corporative Library Catalogue of Karelia.
Ruzanova N.S., Nasadkina O.J., Guryev D.B.,Leontyev A.A.

Poster: Electronic indexation of Central Asian Turk nomads inscriptions. Catalogue and atlas.
D.D. Vassiliev

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